Earthbound coming to the Wii U Virtual Console today

18th Jul 2013 | 14:37

Classic SNES RPG Earthbound is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console today. Earthbound was missing from Nintendo's selection of eShop games earlier in the week but the company has surprised fans by announcing that it is will be available to download.

On the eShop, Earthbound appears alongside Donkey Kong on the selection of games that are coming to the Wii U Virtual Console today.

Earthbound (AKA Mother 2) was available in Japan in March as part of the NES 30th Anniversary celebrations but now, for the first time, UK gamers will be able to play it on a Nintendo console.

You may not have played Earthbound before but you may recognise its main hero, Ness. Ness is a playable character in Smash Bros Brawl and in this game, the young boy with psychic powers encounters an alien called Buzz Buzz after a meteorite lands near his home. Buzz Buzz asks Ness to use his powers to defeat Giygas, an alien from a distant galaxy who has the power to influence people using their own evil nature.

Will you download Earthbound?

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